Covid and Refund Policy

Exchange Covid Policy

This will be updated as soon as we are able as restrictions change:

The Exchange is keen to be as safe of a space as we can make it for all and always has been.

With regards to Covid:

We are not required to check covid passes being under 500 capacity and not having a dancefloor past 1pm. So we will not be checking covid passes on the door. This may change over time so please check back here if you are unsure.

However we STRONGLY advise and request all our customers to take a Lateral Flow test on the day you are attending to protect others, band members and staff.  Remember we are offering a no quibble refund policy up until 6pm on the day of every event.

So please, #takethetest.

If you can’t attend, let us know by emailing

You can either:

1. Say you can no longer attend but don’t need a refund. This obviously really really helps us.

2. Ask that your ticket cost be replaced with Exchange Dollars. This is our gift voucher style currency and can be used on tickets and drinks in the future. This obviously really helps us.

3. Ask for a full refund. Refunds will be processed asap. This will potentially take up to 60 days but we will be as quick as we can.

The venue is ventilated the best we are able to, and we are constantly finding new ways of doing this. We understand ventilation is an important way of minimising covid transmission and we will all we can within our means and budget to do this.

Mask wearing is not enforced at the time of writing, but if you feel more comfortable wearing a face covering (as all our staff do through their own choice when not behind the bar screen) then that is absolutely fine.

We support the science of vacination and encourage attendees, who are able to, to get vaccinated. Again, all our staff are (through their own choice). This is the quickest way we can get back to “normal” and we need that to stay open. 

Above all, and as always, please let’s all respect each other and always have a good night.