Weekly Hire

The Exchange hall is available for hire within the following time slots on a weekly basis for a week:

Mondays: 1pm onwards

Tuesdays:  1pm onwards

Wednesdays: 1pm onwards

The Exchange INFO for bands.

To book a slot at an upcoming gig or to enquire about hiring the venue for a gig or other event yourself please email: exchangearts@gmail.com

Our main gig nights are Friday/Saturday but we are open to having gigs on other days during the week.

Venue Details

Venue Capacity – 150 Standing or 80 Seated (or a combination of the two)

We have an in house PA and lighting which we provide along with a sound technician.  If you would like to bring your own sound tech we still require one of ours to be there if you’re using our gear. Therefore they must still be paid.

Our in house PA includes a Behringer X32 desk

4 x Meyer MSL3 Midtops

2 x 650-R2 subs

Fane loaded Brooke Monitors

Yamaha MSR250 monitors


Chamsys MagicQ Touchscreen plus miniwing

4 X ADJ 5PX Hex Pars

4 X Equinox  Fusion 120 Zoom MKII Moving heads

Our address is:  The Exchange,
Corner House,
Russell Street,
West Yorkshire
BD21 2JZ

What bands need to know about our gig nights!

There is no in house back line apart from our PA. We may be able to help with a kit minus breakables and bass combo, please asked if you need this. We encourage the headline band to bring the main bits of back line and all support bands to bring breakables, I.E amp heads , cymbals snares and pedals. However cases vary so you should contact the other acts playing your night to organise what is best between you.

Load in can  be from 5pm through the side door (please come into the Musicians Centre up the road to be greeted). Sound check generally from 6.00pm

Only the opening and headline band will generally get sound checks. Other bands will get a line check before they play.

Doors are at 7:30pm, please plan to have enough time to finish sound checking before the doors open.

It’s in your best interest to push your gig night here. We do our best to promote the event in all our outlets but the more everybody promotes the better the night will be!


Cost (For Hire for self run events)

The hire package is £200.00 for the weekend evenings (Friday and Saturday) and £100 for Sunday to Thursday evenings.

If you don’t want to run your own event and would like to play at a gig set up by the venue just email exchangearts@gmail.com.

Should events need additional security (ie events with high proportion of under age people expected), hirer will be charged an additional fee on top of event fee.

This includes:

The Main Room

Dressing Room

Venue Seating (if required in any of style you wish)

Use of PA equipment

Use of lighting equipment

Sound technician

Box Office Staff to take payment for the event (this is allow us to keep track for Health and Safety reasons and fire regulations, you are welcome to provide someone to oversee this on the night)

Bar to be open

Ticket stock and sales through The Exchange and Musicians Centre box office’s as well as on-line through our website.

Inclusion into our Flyers/advertising (where deadlines and space permit)

Inclusion onto the website

Posters displayed at the venue

Hirers need to be aware of:

It will be Hire persons responsibility to ensure all equipment brought and used with them is fit for use (it is recommended PAT tested/under 12 months old and in the case of stage sets, meet fire regulations) and are also responsible for end clear up.

They should only set up, use and /or strike up Exchange equipment where this use is agreed in advance and directions must be followed on its proper use and storage.

Failure to observe points (a) and (b) to do so will result in additional costs/repair charges


Payment of hire fee is expected at time of booking.

Sound Engineers/ Technicians

We are unable to let anyone use our sound system who is not one our our in house engineers, if you have a sound engineer you would like to use, we will still require our in house engineer to be present on the night of the event to supervise use.


If you wish to sell merchandise you can do so and we can provide you with a table to display your merchandise on. The merchandise will be the bands responsibility to look after and the venue will not take any responsibility for any lost, damaged or stolen items.  We take no commision on merch sales.


The Hirer is expected to provide us with all information with regards to your event at least six weeks in advance to allow for inclusion in flyers, websites, social media and newspaper mail shots. We expect appropriate posters and flyers or artwork for the event to be provided to the venue at least eight weeks before the event.  If you need help with this let us know and we can design posters for you.


The Hirer is responsible for taking out their own public liability insurance where suitable as they will be legally responsible for any claims by performers/members of the public for accidents at their event. The Exchange can provide guidance on how to take out one-off insurance of this kind.


Limited parking is available within the The Exchange/Musicians Centre premises but this is held on a first come first served basis, the loading/unloading available via the fire exit but as this blocks the car park attention must be kept to people wishing to enter/leave area. Some on street parking is available and a large car park is less than 2 minutes walk away (which is free after 6).

Venue Logo

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Please email any artwork using our logo or promotion of event to us for approval before making public.

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