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Exchange Dollars are for sale until August 31st.

Ten Exchange Dollars costs £9 and are available to spend on the bar from September 2018 onwards.

10 Exchange dollars is worth £10 on the bar. You’re basically getting yourself a 10% discount!

Statement from Exchange owner Michael:


Truth be told, we are currently going through “The Quiet Time” at The Exchange. I’m sure it’s the same for most venues what with festival season and holidays and such, but July and August are tough months.

We will battle through it but we are struggling in all honesty, The Exchange is run for love not money and it’s very very difficult to make ends meet most of the time. Over Summer it’s almost impossible.

So we need your help. If you’ve enjoyed events at The Exchange, if you’re a regular, if you want us to keep going then you can do something about it.


We are selling ten Exchange Dollars from today till 31st August for £9. From September onwards you can spend your Exchange dollars on the bar. Ten Exchange Dollars is worth £10. So you basically get a 10% discount. You can’t spend your Exchange Dollars until September and you won’t be able to buy them after August.

But we need you to buy them now. This will help us get over the summer hump and we’ll be good for the busier period of Autumn. You’re basically helping us with our cashflow and getting a discount for your help!

At present you can just buy them online, we might introduce buying them over the bar shortly.

We all love running The Exchange, the awesome live music we get to see and the people we meet. We’ve never received any kind of external funding (maybe that should change) and we don’t ask for charity, but we do need help to keep going. You can do that for us now! – Michael

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