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Hawthorns London Dry Gin 37.5% – Hawthorn’s London Dry Gin is a bright and zesty gin with up front spice and pepper which clears out onto the palate with dry juniper and a gentle, nutmeg-like sweetness. A simple, elegant and great value gin. – Orange or lemon- £3.50

New Gins:

ADURO Devil’s Tail 40% – Aduro Superior Gin is crafted with 23 botanicals including spicy cardamon and ginger root, floral lavender and orange blossom plus tangerine and citrus medica from Sicily. This is then infused with the Carolina Reaper, the world’s hottest chillipepper. Serve neat, on the rocks or with a classic tonic- Lime and chilli – £7.50

ADURO Pink Passion Gin 40% – Aduro Superior Gin is crafted with 23 botanicals including spicy cardamon and ginger root, floral lavender and orange blossom plus tangerine and citrus medica from Sicily. This is then infused with fresh passion fruits – Aromatic tonic- Raspberry, Fresh Mint and Orange – £7.50

PJ Gin Raspberry 40% – Distilled in Leuven, Belgium using a coffee pot, then infused with fresh raspberries and topped up with distilled raspberry essence produces an intense kick of fruit. PJ Gin Raspberry has a lightly sweet, yet dry taste.  – Fresh Mint and rasberries- £5.50

PJ Gin Raspberry 40% – This is an incredibly aromatic, fruity gin. Infused with 6 carefully selected varieties of apple for maximum flavour. A clear and distinctive spirit with a crispy bite. Pairs best with Ginger Beer- Apple- £5.50



Ragnarok 44% – A Swedish gin, doused in mythology, Ragnarok very much lives up to its reputation!  Despite the pronounced scent of fresh, bright lingonberries, Ragnarok quickly develops into a surprisingly savory gin. The lingonberry remains and is joined by malty, caraway flavours alongside dill and a sharp, peppery finish.  – Lemon – £4.90


Big Boss Gin 40% – Fresh and bold, Big Boss Gin, is a unique and outstanding Portuguese gin.  Taking a secret formula of 11 botanicals and using traditional Portuguese techniques to distil 4 times, Big Boss is an audacious and distinct spirit. – Pink Peppercorns or lemon – £4.90


Jawbox Gin 43% – Jawbox Gin is a delightful, single estate, Irish spirit.  Best served neat, Jawbox uses two distillation techniques (steep and boil and vapour infusion) to bring forward crisp citrus and coriander and a firm pine flavour. Neat or with lemon – £4.70


JJ Whitely Elderflower Gin 38.6% – Named for the Whitley family who have been involved in creating fine gins since 1762, this gin brings a candied sweetness, dominated by the unmistakable punch of elderflower with flicks of grassiness, orange blossom and honey.  – Lemon Peel – £3.60


Lola & Vera Gin 40% – A small batch gin made in Madrid by the Santamania distillery, “Lola & Vera” is named after the two copper still used to make this delightful Spanish creation.  Aromas of citrus, pine and coriander on the nose. A cinnamon and cardamom-like spice with candied ginger and a touch of sunflower follow on the palate. Ends on a solid dry finish, with apple and lemon. – Lime – £3.60


1606 Gin 43% – Fabulously fresh, 1606 Gin is made using natural spring water from Tunbridge Wells.  A classic juniper-led London Dry Gin, 1606 Gin is flavoursome yet incredibly smooth and delicate. Earthy pine is joined by citrus and a touch of angelica. It finishes on a delightfully peppery note. – lemon- £5.30


Sovereign No. 1 – Elderflower and Gooseberry 20% – The Shaw-Browne family run Sovereign Spirits from a farm in the heart of Clipstone Park, an area steeped in Plantagenet history and legend.  Sovereign Elderflower and Gooseberry Gin Liqueur perfectly balances the light sweet notes of elderflower, the tartness of gooseberries and the crisp pine aroma of gin.  – lemon- £3.70


Sovereign No. 2 – Apple and Blackberry 20% – A rich and warming drink, Sovereign Apple and Blackberry Gin Liqueur, perfectly melds crisp gin with homely, autumnal flavours. The soft berries and sharp apple are a stunning combination.  – apple – £3.70


VL92 Gin – 41.7% – A Malty, oaked flavours from the jenever base work in sophisticated harmony with coriander heat and piney citrus. A unique gin and one that serious collector’s need to try.- A slice of ginger – £4.10


Smooth Ambler Greenbrier – 40% – Greenbrier begins as a seriously citrus gin, reined in by a hint of sweet malt. The zestiness subsides to reveal fresh juniper, peppery heat and angelica and leads into a long, dry finish.- Lime – £4.10


Edinburgh Seaside Gin – 43% – A sweet gin with a refreshingly mineral taste, which comes from the combination of seaweed, scurvy grass and ground ivy.- Orange and/or Coriander – £4.60


Masons Gin – Yorkshire Tea Edition 42% – Made with Harrogate Spring Water.  A smooth spirit with the warmth and bitterness of the tea. Masons Yorkshire Gin with all its herbal notes, gentle spice and citrus is well complemented by the robust flavour of Yorkshire Tea. Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin is as Yorkshire as it gets! – Orange peel – £5.70


Slingsby Artisan Gin 42% –There is an initial burst of citrus, that gives way to juniper before a very light anise. The mid palate is led by chervil, sweet cicely and green tea and, in fabulous Yorkshire style, a finish of candied rhubarb. A good one to follow Brockmans. – Grapefruit – £5.70

Braeckman Melon Jenever 20% – Flanders has a rich tradition of distilling jenever with spirituous beverages having been made there for centuries in Belgium.  This particular tipple offers up a fabulous combination! Strong melon tempers the juniper with a subtle warmth. – Grapefruit – £3.80

Brockmans  40%  – Brockmans unique infusion of exquisite botanicals creates an intensely smooth gin with a distinctively original taste like no other. Suggested Garnish – Pink grapefruit & Blueberries – £4.20

Siderit 43% – Siderit Gin get it’s name from the use of Syderitis Hissopifolia, also known as Tea Rock creating a unique taste. A sweet and floral London Dry, distilled in Spain with flower of Jamaica, mandarin bark and pink pepper all playing prominent roles. Thanks to the rye base, Siderit has a deliciously light spice. Lemon – £7.00

Gin Mare   42.7% – Bursts with juniper and fresh coriander then bitter with notes of thyme rosemary and basil. Suggested Garnish – Rosemary and Orange / Pink Grapefruit – £5.10

Sir Robin of Locksley  40.5% – Up-front juniper with more delicate aromas of elderflower bubbling through. Deliciously smooth on the palate – warm cassia notes soothed with dandelion.  Suggested Garnish – Pink Grapefruit – £4.85

Ely Dark Chocolate 30% A very balanced hit of both gin and chocolate – neither vying for supremacy, neither overwhelming the other, but both working together to create a warming and very enjoyable whole. Suggested Garnish – Orange Juice – £4.50

Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger 20% – Tangy spring crop rhubarb macerated with oriental ginger and lemon zest is infused into Edinburgh Gin to create a nostalgia-inducing rose-hued tipple. Suggested Garnish – Apple – £3.90

Pink 47 47% – Strong and Smooth with a crisp compelling finish without a trace of harshness.  Suggested Garnish – Lemon – £3.50

King of Soho 42% – Reveals classic juniper and pine notes with a refreshing zest of citrus oil. The Tangy Grapefruit reluctantly gives way to soft warming spice.  Suggested Garnish – Lime or Orange – £4.70

Warner Edwards Elderflower 40% –  Combining the complex flavours of the Harrington Dry Gin with the sweet bouquet of elderflower makes this wonderful creation a perfect accompaniment for those long lazy summer days.  Suggested Garnish – Lemon – £4.60

Pink Pepper Gin 44% – Pink Pepper is an intensely aromatic and unique gin – one which will age and evolve, both in the bottle and in the glass – Suggested garnish – Grapefruit – £6.85

Daffy’s Gin 43.4% – Smooth and vibrant spice with oaky mouthfeel, leading to lively citrus and Lebanese mint then to red fruit followed by juniper. Suggested garnish – mint and lime or straight up neat! – £5.40

Half Hitch 40% – Spicy notes of bell pepper and juniper meet citrus notes of sweet orange, nutmeg and a rich black tea. Hints of woody spice, touches of bitter lemon and a slight grassiness clears out the top with the smallest touch of tannin.  Suggested Garnish – Orange – £6.85

Ancient Mariner 50% – Made from 100% British grain, this London made gin has a smoothness married to a lovely juniper aroma. Suggested Garnish – Rocket or lime – £4.15

Brokers 40% – Smooth on the palate with a good balance of fresh botanicals, spicy juniper, and sweet ripe citrus fruit. Finish with a smooth, warming peppery fade.  Suggested Garnish – Lemon – £3.50

Rock Rose 41.5% –  A great bold gin. Very subtle floral nose from the rose root with a bit of spice on the tongue, thanks to the cinnamon and cassia – Lemonade & Fresh Strawberries – £5.00

Vones 40% The origin of Vones Gin goes back to a Chemist in Spain, an old recipe written in a scroll and the use of one ingredient that makes it so unique…the chestnut – Suggested Garnish – Lemon – £5.50

Bloom 40%   A light, delicate and floral gin, with a totally unique, slightly sweet taste, created by a bespoke blend including 3 botanicals: honeysuckle, chamomile and pomelo – Suggested Garnish – Strawberry – £3.60

Blackwoods 60%   A fantastically strong offering from Blackwoods; sharp, dry and complex. Floral notes on the nose are balanced with juniper. There is a rich mouth feel with pleasant citrus flavour followed by a long, dry finish.  Our strongest gin. – Suggested Garnish – Mint and lime – £4.00

Jodhpur 43%Botanicals include Almond, Angelica, Bitter Almond, Cassia, coriander and Ginger.  A good classic  India styled gin with Spanish twist.  Suggested Garnish – lemon and rosemary – £5.20

Geranium 44% – Clean fresh palate, rightly led by juniper with strong citrus and aromatic tea-like floral notes adding to its considerable complexity.  Suggested Garnish – Pink Grapefruit – £4.15

Dà Mhìle Seaweed 42% – Infused for three weeks with fresh seaweed from the Newquay coast, surprisingly tasty! Suggested Garnish – Lemon – £4.40

Zymurgorium Sweet Violet 18.75% – Zymurgoroium Violet has an incredible parma violet flavour with a good gin presence; it manages to avoid the tendency towards a syrup like viscosity that many gin liqueurs have – Best straight with ice – £4.90

Adnams First Rate Finest Cut Gin – 48% – At 48% Adnams First Rate delivers quite a punch, that said, this is a beautifully clean and smooth gin. Strong flavours, most notably juniper, thyme and orange bring the rest of the botanicals into line, with vanilla, cardamom and light spice making perfectly timed appearances. Suggested Garnish – Lemon Zest – £5.70

Ish Limao 40% –Inspired by Brazil, Ish Limao has the same powerful juniper start as Ish with the addition of a significant amount of lime. A citrus heavy gin that never loses sight of its juniper origins. There’s a touch of heat that lasts through the drink and contrasts marvellously with the dryness. – Lime or orange – £4.85

Sloane’s 40% – Rich and full flavoured aromatics including unapologetic notes of juniper, refreshing citrus, a delicate touch of vanilla and a decidedly dry finish.  Suggested Garnish – A slice of lemon & slice of orange – £4

Bluecoat  47% – Using organic juniper berry, coriander seeds, American citrus peel and angelica root. A smooth and gentle mouth-feel and refreshingly light taste.  Suggested Garnish – Orange – £5.60

Pinkster 37.5%Deliciously dry, with the raspberries adding a gentle fruity flavour, juniper follow-through, and a smooth finish.  Suggested Garnish – a sprig of fresh mint and raspberries – £4.30


Something   fruity……


Sloe Motion Damson 26% – Pure plum flavour, uses less sugar to let the flavour of the fruit win out, much dryer and sharper than sloe gin.  Suggested Garnish – Lemonade and lemon – £4.30


Addingham Sloe 30% – Big sloe berry flavours followed with subtle almond with a nice juniper finish.  Suggested Garnish – Elderflower and tonic – £5.00


Ely Raspberry 30% – Enjoy the glamour of the 1920’s with this full flavoured medium sweet gin.A big gin hit overlaid with the sweetness of raspberries – Just a splash of tonic – £4.50


All prices include the appropriate garnishes, tonic or mixer of your choice.

Double up for an extra £1.50


Try a Sloe or Damson gin with prosecco and a single strawberry as a Gin Fizz – £7.50


Gins of Time Gone By


Here you’ll find gins we’ve previously stocked but are out of at the moment.  Sorry if your favourite is here!  Let us know though and we might get it back in!


Martin Millers London Dry 40% – Orange sherbet dominates and to some extent disguises an otherwise bold juniper character. Hints of liquorice, coriander and nutmeg linger in the background.  Suggested Garnish – Orange – £3.70


SW4 40%  – A robust and multi-layered Gin, with Chilli and exotic spice, as well as a perfumed aspect.   Suggested Garnish – Lime – £3.50


Thomas Dakin – 42% – A deliciously traditional, juniper forward gin. The sweet orange and citrus notes found on the palate contrast nicely with the smooth and savoury finish created by the cubebs and red cole.- Orange and/or Coriander – £4.15


Ampleforth Abbey Elderberry 26% – Made using berries surrounding the Ampleforth Abbey, gives  complex, fruity, earthy mineral flavours. Try neat  – £3.80